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The key ingredients of a Brand Identity

312 views |  August 28, 2018
Jaco van der Watt, Creative Director of MO Agency, identifies the three main ingredients of any brand identity.

Before spending time on the design aspects of your brand, you need to define three key ingredients of your brand identity:

1. Company Mission Statement 

Write a mission statement about your company. This should include why your company exists, and outline what problem your company solves. 

2. Target Audience

Build out a persona for your perfect client. What social media do they use? What challenges do they face, and how you can solve their problems? 

3. Personality

List the keywords that describe your brand, and the keywords that don't apply to your brand. For example, do you want to be known as classic, or trendy? Are you professional or casual? 

Once these three aspects have been defined, you can get started on creating your brand. Click here if you want to get started with your digital brand strategy.

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